Organic Aura currently features an Ayurvedic line of 14 herbs that help support a healthy lifestyle. These remedies have been used by Ayurvedic practitioners for thousands of years to promote a healthy body, mind and spirit.

We bring you the wholesome richness of Ayurvedic herbs in powder and capsule form. The powdered herbs allow you the flexibility to add these supplements to any of your food and smoothie recipes to boost your meal’s nutritional value. You also get the opportunity to try your creativity!

Alternatively, our capsules cater to those who prefer the convenience of a scheduled approach. In an easy-to-follow plan, you can rest assured that your body is benefiting from a regimented intake of these rich herbs.

All our capsules are gluten-free, vegetarian and easy-to-swallow.

All Organic Aura products are 100% natural. We believe that Everyone Can Be Healthy Now.